What Photoshop Can't Do

Photoshop is a powerful tool that can hide blemishes, marks, or someone's true image of how they look in reality. Photoshop gives many users the power to create images that mankind knows would never exist. For example, a photo shopped horse can become a beautiful white unicorn with rain bowed hair flowing in the wind. While in the 21st century and as far as I've lived, never have I seen a unicorn walk this Earth nor be discovered. Only in our fantasies and dreams do we perceive life the way we envision it. It's a natural tendency to hallucinate fractions of our everyday lives. As a well-known example, many men or women tend to believe pornography can be the real deal when in fact it is not. The majority of men wish their sex life would be as adventurous and easy sought out as pornos and unrated films, however that is an infatuation of what their hearts have desired, and not what reality is. 

While magazines of women that are photo shopped to look skinny and of men who look muscular or highly dominant, I firmly believe we as a human race have yet to understand the true meaning of beauty. Man or woman beauty can be incorporated in either gender. And I'm not speaking physically any longer.

Walking downtown off High Street in Columbus, OH I saw a homeless man and figured to give him one of my macaroons. I opened up the bag for him to reach inside to grab, yet I forgot his hands were awfully dirty and he asked me to grab it for him. Not that I was being pretty ditzy during that time, but I couldn't help but to remember this guy was still a human being regardless of his social status. 

And that my friend is what Photoshop will never be able to edit or reconstruct from us. Humans as a whole, straight from birth, treat each other with the lack of awareness from another's social status, race, or gender. 

So the next time you read or see in the media what they propose you or I should look like, walk back in the mirror and tell yourself "You are one sexy fox and I love you just the way you are."