Turning Tables Clockwise Push Time Forward

Written by Xiao Mei


Let's scale back first and understand why this topic won the poll I posted on Instagram. Majority voted to read about rebuilding trust, which speaks volume. It shows you value your time in relations and genuinely care about situations you cannot always control.

I assure we all agree that clear-cut communication is the foundation of any relationship, whether it is romantic, platonic, or in business. In all affairs, honesty and trust is significant in a strong relationship, but once broken - restoring trust can seem impossible.

But trust me, it is doable it just takes time…

You're Wrong, They're Right

This one is hard to swallow, because you may not think it to be true. However, you lied before, broke a promise, cheated or were rebellious against someone’s word. So keep reading and take this L.

As a child I was stubborn so owning up to my mistakes was never easy. But I wickedly noticed saying, “I’m wrong, you’re right” killed peoples joy when they pointed fingers at me. My goal wasn’t to stomp their parade…but what more can someone do if you completed the work for them? This was an "aha" moment for me! Sometimes in order to rebuild trust, you must become the bigger person by verbally stating your error. (NOT via text)

Time, Space and Isolation

Fixing an issue can escalate the problem and create greater tension, so why try? That is doubtful thinking. Of course it depends on the situation, because your partner, friend, or family member probably hates you. Besides.  I’m sure you are fed up being ignored (unless you’re the one giving a cold shoulder.) So again, why try?

It’s unfortunate how today’s society makes it difficult to find REAL. All things are patty-caked and kept in secret.  People react the same as how we interact with technology ;   Straight to the point and simple. This makes it harder to understand others feelings and emotions and my word of advice is never EVER handle an argument via text  

Here's why you should rebuild what you've lost:

  • You build a reputation of fighting for what you want.
  • Once you're done trying your best to rebuild trust, they'll eventually miss you. (hopefully)
  • You can say "I tried."

Xiao's $0.02

The trust that is broken is not the primary focus; it is the result of our faults. But acknowledging your disloyalty, reconciling, and making effort to start anew is.

Tell me, have you ever recovered from broken trust? Comment naked thoughts below (: