TransWho? What's Really Real?

This by far is the greatest controversial topic I’ve decided to write about. So, here we go. As the world has voiced loudly their opinions towards transgender men and women, I would like to disclose mine. It's become publicly accepted to see men dressed as women and women looking like men, however to the extent transgender people become highly upset if you pronounce them indifferent of their new label.

So let’s drive down memory lane (an embarrassing one) when I believed I was white. I was as light as a ghost so I claimed to my parents that I was white, not black. This may have been cute because I was nothing but 5 years young, but this is a real life example to those who allow what they feel or want to believe become their reality.

Thankfully my parents taught me my history and culture on a daily basis. And I am proud biracial African and Chinese young woman. (During this time of crucial racism in America, it’s not desirable to label myself as an American. Since this is the home of the Natives, I believe we should call myself African-Native and Chinese.)

Anyways I want to understand why people feel led to believe they’re the opposite gender than they were originally. So I have some facts that I stand by, to a T.

Fact #1: Despite a man wanting to be a female, he will never be able to reproduce. A fact that speaks for itself and states the reality of a man’s incapabilities.

Fact #2: Putting trans in front of the word gender confirms a person has to identify their latest transition of what they were not originated from. The term boldly confirms transgender men and women weren’t really “born this way.”

The 2 facts above tells me people can mentally change their perception of themselves based on how they feel, which the system supports. I heard a black man state, “If a man can say he is now a woman based off how he feels, I then should be able to put on any job application, I am a white man who has went to Harvard University.” But looking at him, he is clearly black and knowing him, he never attended Harvard.

But the new status quo is if someone feels they’re supposed to be someone else then let them be and only spread love. However, realistically it doesn’t add up to how someone feels for the moment. A perfect example is Bruce Jenner who now feels to live as a woman, BUT he still is attracted to women? Again this is by far the strangest topic I have touched on where common sense doesn’t seem to live.

…If it wasn’t for the illusion I experienced at a young age (or parents with common sense) believing I’m white, I would have never understood my reality, stayed true to my culture, or understood why I was created the way I am today.

What do you think is really real?