The Bandwagon Of Becoming A Beauty Blogger

Happy Tuesday Nudists! 

I hope you started your day with positive energy, focused on your hustle because whatever you’re doing actually makes you happy. It’s important to remind yourself what is a hobby vs. a lifestyle you can choose as your career that offers more enlightenment to you than ever before.

And if you’re focused on working in happiness, read last weeks post "How To Increase Your Energy For The Women Who Fight Fatigue" in case you lack energy. That’s of course not what today’s write up is about. So let’s get to it, shall we :) 

Makeup & Empowerment

Wait, here are some rhetorical questions I must ask first! Read it slowly, I hope you have time…

Do we put it on because it makes us feel beautiful?

Are we promoting it for monetary reasons?

Do we believe it improves our self-confidence?

Is it a form of art and a way to express yourself?

Or are we hopping on the bandwagon because it’s the trending?

Talking about makeup and empowerment surprisingly go hand in hand. Many women will claim makeup empowers them because it's an ego booster, which is a personal note I can relate to. Makeup helps me feel “decent looking” dining at a well-established restaurant, in a nice fitted dress or when modeling to mimic a high-fashion magazine look during a photo shoot.

Makeup gives me that LOOK! It's hard to describe, but easy to understand if you're familiar with visually seeing how makeup can transform you. One minute I wake up looking like death, then an hour later I may look like Beyonce. Of course, that’s farfetched. 

On the contrary, because of society, I often feel compelled to stay away from posting on any media if my face is not slayed. Though I done so before, it’s the principle. I feel I should not be myself while the camera is running. As if society really has that much of a say so to advise me when to post and when not to show my face? 

“I don’t regret anything…except for my eyebrows like 5 years ago.”

- @please

The ONLY time I really get concerned letting others see my bare face is when talking to a man.  GIRL! I am guilty! That man will not see my real face until we are settled. Or in other words, when his toothbrush lives at my place, my clothes live at his and we’re both comfortable waking up in the morning side by side. I’m not a fairy-tale princess lying in bed like sleeping beauty. So I gradually lead a man that I’m dating to visually see my face at bare minimum. 

(He'll tell you, you’re prettier with no makeup, which is true. But in my head I’m like, quit playing me...) 

Why I'm Against The New Wave

Here’s where my upsetting viewpoint lies within the millennial age of makeup and empowerment

There is lack of empowerment promoting makeup. Bi**h, most of the world is creating tutorials just to be noticed for heart eyed emojis. When’s the last time you saw a MUA  (make up artist) promote makeup products to help women who’ve suffered abuse; having bruises covered their face, be transformed  BACK into her normal self by the power of makeup?!

On God, I wish I had a talented MUA to utilize her skills to help me during my time of need. Unfortunately, I had zero dollars in my account to buy makeup. It’s expensive! 

If makeup bloggers stopped showing us tutorials on how to achieve a look and took a 30 second video to explain why they began caking their face in the first place - as a woman focused on empowerment I'd appreciate that wholeheartedly. 

If you’re new to my blog and are confused as to why I’m here, feel free to watch my video and read a little bit of why I started


Xiao's $0.02

It’s never fair to talk down on others passions and achievements. That’s not why I write today. I wrote to help refocus our attention on why we as women should be held against our own abilities and seek greater revelation as to why we wake up and pour our energy into what makes us happy.

Not everyone is meant to wear a cape and play superhero. But I cannot sit back and watch majority of women turn towards fashion and beauty blogging as if it's the only thing we as women can do. 

We are more than makeup.

We are more than fashion.

We are more than telling others what to buy, how to wear it and the discount someone can receive if they place your name as the promo code. If you're in it for the money, you've already lost sista. 

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