Taking Time To Yourself

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by Wyze

I would be lying to people if I said I’m never on my phone. In modern society, even newborns can navigate on an iPhone better than I. But of course, I am always on my phone and yes I saw your text message, yes I left it on read, and of course I saw your missed call. But don't take it personal if I did not respond immediately…

Do Not Disturb Mode

True Life: I’m addicted to my phone and social media. Technology is a tool for us to communicate and network, plus it’s free. Personally, within the past year I’ve met extremely diversified groups in Columbus, the DMV area, and Cleveland. But for every connection there is a time and place to unplug from it and everyone in between.

On Twitter, a girl said she purposely presents herself as a bad texter so others will not expect anything less than a response possibly a few days later – or practically never.

In a sense I can relate, but not really. For the most part I like to respond promptly, but I discipline myself to detach from social media and responding to others. #BalanceIsKey

My Routine To Disconnect

I have practiced setting my phone on do-not-disturb (DND) while in the car, around nighttime, and throughout the weekends. Primarily whilst driving because I hate when my favorite song plays and suddenly a text/call appears – it kills my entire vibe.

For emergencies, I created a favorites list that allows certain people to override my DND mode. My favorites list only includes my intimate family and best friends. I have added a MR. someone if dating becomes serious, but for the most part they get removed :)

Any who...on a personal level, I create my atmosphere and I set the tone. Doing this allows me to focus on my priorities, be at peace, and enjoy my surroundings for the time being.

My Self-Care Therapeutic Treatments

In my white sheets I eat, drink, and zone in on my to-do list. As the multi-talented individual that I am, I also practice self-care by putting on Lush facemask or taking a full body bath.

From a financial standpoint, I adapted Dave Ramsey’s budgeting system. So I created “budget buckets” where I review how my savings, the amount of cash to set aside, and my select my activities according to my budgeting system. I exercise saving cash so I won’t easily swipe my card. Doing this is very therapeutic and helps me think responsibly.

As a candle collector, I also light scented candles (preferably White Barn due to long-lasting quality) around the house. Last but not least I read a good book every now and then. In all honesty, I rarely read – but if it’s beneficial on a spiritual and career level that helps my daily walk in life – I’ll read it.

            Some of my selected books are:

1. Because of a Woman

2. Professional Business Practices In Photography

3. The Copyright Zone

Xiao's $0.02

Find the right rhythm for you to disconnect from the media and never feel obliged to respond immediately, even if you did read someone’s text. 

If you run your own business – set your own schedule. Not every client needs to know you reply to emails at 2am. Once they do, they’ll expect you to reply at 2am every time. #DontDoIt

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