Running After What You Desire

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by Kim V.



Disclosure: I hope none reading this is stalking me...

An exciting new beginning is on its way for me! I could not be any happier moving into a place I desired for a little over two (2) years. My heart yearned to find a feasible residence in a safe neighborhood, but most importantly an apartment that obtained a historical background.


The wait was absolutely worth it. Who knew I’d remain right here in Columbus, Ohio located in Olde Towne East living inside an apartment previously owned by an African-American couple (Zelpha and William Garrett.) In 1948, the couple converted the formerly know hospital as an upscale boutique hotel.

For almost 30 years, the hotel operated only for African Americans during times of segregation (immigrant laborers on the Pennsylvania Railroad junction.) The hotel welcomed Blacks when many Columbus hotels demanded, “Whites only.” Famous entertainers, including Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington’s band, James Brown, and many more would frequent their stay here.

As a biracial female who is half black, this is an honorable moment to live on an authentic landmark.


If I never made effort to probe a hundred times for what I wanted, I easily would never found the perfect home for me.

So what are you saying Xiao?!

I challenge you to pursue your goals/desires without hesitation. Be patient if the opportunity comes years from now, but the real gag is…your opportunity will never be found, until you take initiative to look for it.

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