Not So Typical

Hola everyone! I've loved all of your support and feedback since the release of my blog. I'm more than thankful to see so many of you take time out of your busy schedule to read the posts; it makes me so happy. I've been on the go working on many branding and interior design projects, finishing finals, and in between trying to find last minute gifts.

During the holiday seasons many people tend to get lonely wanting someone to share their love with. Or they think of all the perfect, cute dates to go on with their crush or special someone. However, that's not the case for me this year. Yes, as many of you know I am single and in this changing lifestyle I find myself winding up in situations I'd never guessed would come true. The pros of being single is my bank account loves me more, I don't ask for gifts since I get them as I please, plenty more ladies night, greater opportunities to meet new people, and the best of all is I don't feel obligated to shave. (Slightly kidding about the shaving) Although I'm the first to admit I'm lazy when it comes to this. I strongly disagree with women who believe in order to be a real lady they must shave from top to bottom. Of course I believe hair is an essential part of our body God gave to all mankind. But I like leaving something to make life worth living feel more natural and organic, and I simply don't have time for it. Does that make any sense? 

For a while I couldn't care less to be that perfect feminine female. Not everyday I'd cook dinner, or wear perfume plus heels everyday at work (I like grandma flats and wear them faithfully) To this day I laugh when men tell me, "I didn't know girls could fart." To those men, I truly sarcastically apologize for us women who spray tons of perfume on to make you think we smell delightful 24/7. But only if you knew we'll leave that topic for another time.

So regardless whether it's the holiday seasons or not, remember be happy if you're alone, with family, or with friends. You deserve the biggest smile on your face. So go online shopping, order a new pair of shoes! Find a great dish to make from scratch. Or gather your friends for a dinner and movie at your place. Just remember to have fun and make amazing memories while doing so! 

Love you guys! Let's make this holiday season a memorable one! :)