Modern Slavery


Today there are more slaves than there were in the early 1600s. No not necessarily are people getting beaten or whipped until their skin bleeds and peel. Today it’s not such a physical/mental battle, but more of a mental challenge than anything. And I unwillingly admit being a victim myself makes me beyond sick.

Words become indescribable trying to explain why I should have the right when to awaken from my sleep, when to be surrounded by my family, when I can eat, and what to spend my money on. Those are small things in life many of us take for granted. Lately I’ve become so hurt because I barely have time to see my family due to my crazy lifestyle and schedules. If anything else in this world matters, it’s them.

Years ago I promised myself I’d become a hermit (which is still probable.) I rather speak to mother nature, loose my mind, and become insanely in love with God plus his creation than to make believe that everyone takes pride saying, “I love my profession and I do it because it makes me happy.” NO, absolutely no. If that were the case, you’d be doing what you loved when you want, on your terms, and at no cost. We’ve been taught do what we must in order to stay alive and eat.  

A homeless man who received his Master's in Business Administration (M.B.A.) shared on social media, "We're only one paycheck away.Which proves the world we live in makes it mandatory for all to hustle everyday in order to stay off the streets. 

I admit I’m a slave to this system and work because I have bills to pay; a mouth to feed, clothes to put on, and a selfish society to keep up with. The older I get the more I understand why God said, “Do not gain this whole world to lose your only soul.” I pay to live on concrete (something that cannot recreate itself, which concludes it’s worthless.) Our lives are more than working 9-5, five days a week (or seven), and being at the mercy of someone else's demands. 

I hope you see that you may also be a victim to modern slavery. 


Love you all.