Modern Day Basics: An Essential Key

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by Wyze


Self-Reflections Bring Results

To the woman who has her journal lying on top of their nightstand and to the young girl twenty plus years ago that threw it away, open your day book and prepare to get REAL.

Taking it back to the basics that kept us sane; writing our naked thoughts kept us sweet and innocent. And if I’m not the only one, releasing my raw feelings in a journal comforted me, because my treasure was knowing not everyone knew my skeletons…

(Side bar: Kind of too late for that being a blogger, but you’ll get what I mean, keep reading...)

Accept The Missing Piece

Often I lacked answers that I craved, but struggled locating the source for many of my questions and concerns. Feeling like I cannot move forward is suffering and being a “some-what” organized person, I felt unmovable.

Visually map this as being lost in a garden maze. Round about you go, exhausting your body and mentally not being able to withstand other challenges thrown your way. #ItsCalledLife

And without strategically pinpointing certain patterns or evaluating signs that may direct you to your exit, you’re pretty much going round about. #ItsCalledAHabit

Partnering With Unlike Minds

The saying “A bird of a feather flock together” is nice, but gets me (personally) nowhere. If I consistently think the same by surrounding people whom also process information like me as well…There is no challenge. There is no progression. There is only lack of growth.

As a young woman I’ve had roughly 4-5 different mentors so far. I intentionally separated them into categories so they each contributed to key points throughout life. As of now, I’ve had a: career, spiritual, finance, education, and life mentor.

So what’s the point Xiao?

Getting uncomfortable by surrounding unfamiliar people is a beauty in disguise. There will be a risk for swimming in unknown lakes, but I promise you it’s worth it. #GainAnExperience

Xiao's $0.02

Every month I create self-reflections that consists of interviewing and criticizing myself in order to receive positive results. I ask myself the 4-why’s with honest answers as if I’m asking someone else.

My ultimate goal was to reveal insights I never knew about myself. Once I saw results, I committed writing in my journal on a monthly basis. But if I feel pressed on a certain situation, I’ll vamp it up to a weekly basis.

For those who want to get involved with your monthly self-reflection, download the form below!