Living Outside Your Comfort Zones

I see the same people and places everyday. I eat bacon twice a week. I watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" every Sunday at 9pm EST. Every year I never travel to a new location and I bet yours as well as my New Year's Resolution was repeated since 2013. I'm comfortable, I get it...I really do. Does that bother you at all? Because quite frankly I believe being comfortable gets old. 

Lately I've challenged myself to step outside my norm through casually dating. Though I personally prefer exotic species like: Hispanic, Cuban, Turkish, Pakistani, Asian, or Native American; because I consider the massive education and learning experiences from these different cultures. It's very fascinating to me. Not only do I learn a new language, but also get to understand the customs. However I've decided to stray away from what I'm used to. 

And earlier this week I ran into a couple comfortable individuals. They made excuses they weren't used to dining at fancy restaurants, because that's how they were raised. (Check out "What Destroys You From You", I also discuss how NOT to let your past or the way you were brought up determine your future.) So as I noticed how difficult it was for them to accept being uncomfortable, I tried encouraging them to live outside of that zone.

Yes we all have choices and one life to live. Whether it's fear of commitment, jealously, a desire of freedom. Whatever the case may be, it's necessary to take every opportunity to do something different. I challenge myself this weekend to cook breakfast each morning. (The image to the right is myself conquering my fear of snakes, holding my new friend named Ziggy.)

Comment your abnormal challenge below, and let's get uncomfortable! :) 



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