Living A Lifestyle We Never Asked For

Cyntoia Brown – A girl without a choice.

She never asked to be raped. She never asked to be birthed by a mother strung out on alcohol and drugs. It was not her choice to be adopted, nor expect her life to surround by be passed along from man to man. Cyntoia Brown now faces life in prison for fighting back, killing her 43-year-old real estate agent rapist, Johnny Allen.

Often I imagined myself in a 50 Shades of Grey, a rough, hot and wild ride. But, some females like Brown did not have that privilege to experience a true and genuine intimate experience that most enjoy. Hear me out...As a feminist, I demand equality. As a human, I expect respect. And as a female, I deserve to be held high in standards. But I move nowhere if I contradict my words in self-degrading actions.

Gabby Douglas – Celebrity with a voice, shammed in the spotlight.

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas recently shamed her teammate, Aly Raisman, who claimed she was sexually abused. Douglas tweeting 'it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy.' Of course this was said poorly and out of context. It was also an absent-minded assumption. However, I agree to an extent with Douglas statement. Bite me, I don’t care – I actually like it.

Reason being, women who want respect from men have  stated it is our right to wear what we want, while dressing in public with the bare minimum we cry wolf if a man cat-calls us in their approach. Of course it is corrupt when men disrespect females by name shaming, emotionally and physically abusing, or simply touching without consent – but women who are self-aware know exactly what pleases a man. So why tempt them if we truly do not want to be bothered?

It does not get simpler than this:

  1. Want a job – Dress professional. Wear a club outfit, you will not be taken seriously.
  2. Want a professional chef to cook in-house – They must wear an apron with their hair tied.
  3. Seeking daycare services for your child - you will walk right out of an office that smells, especially if the teachers hygiene is not up to par.


Majority Women – Unknown.

Both parties have yet to understand the simple fact of temptation. Men love fantasy and like a dog with its bone; if there is a bone to chew they will mark their territory without hesitation. As for women we embrace our features for all to see. So when exactly will slavery, sexual abuse, and prostitution end? It won’t, but that doesn’t mean we sit back and watch our loved ones die slowly to the system.


Xiao's $0.02 – A body to nobody, to a somebody that’ll say thank you.

I live in a time men call us bit***s, whores, sluts, and thots. It is not right, nor will I accept the modern day lingo. Yes, by law we can dress how we want, but ladies...I wonder how men would react if we started respecting ourselves and changed the game. Let's be real, without us they're not s***.