Leave Queen Be

Written by Xiao Mei


Leave her be.

She’s a Queen who needs time to decipher all of you.

Let her go.

She deserves choice with a voice to say I can be present.

Give time time.

Time needs its doing to mold her mind.

Leave Queen be.


She Deserves Separation In Finding Her Answers.

I understand in our careers, social life, and intimate religions or when strengthening our well-being, we must separate ourselves from the people we often encounter. I don’t believe there is a science to it. But we as independent women like our private time. “Me time” is what we call it.

Us needing space can vary for multiple reasons. It maybe required because we're finding our own paths, seeking personal growth, infatuated with our partner or uncertain of what our current situation with someone is missing. So we need distance to figure it out.

Our length of separation can be a day, maybe weeks or even years from our peers. (Depends on who we need space from) But it is at most necessary for us women to speak out when these times occur.

"When a friend unceremoniously dumps you without explanation and offers no response, there isn’t much you can do. Friendships are voluntary relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes they become one-sided, which can be extremely disappointing and upsetting."

Irene S Levine Ph.D. (The Friendship Doctor)

#LetsReflect - Remember the guy you were head over hills for replied to your essay via text saying, “I think I need space.”

Remember reading it puzzled and your mind went left…way left actually.

…I remember my confused pain too. Much clutter set in mind because there was lack of clarity on why space was suddenly needed? After a while there was not much I could do. So then space was appreciated for the both of us. I needed him to figure out what it was that was interfering us. I had to let King be.

 “Why wouldn’t you say that from the jump?” - A heartfelt reply from a straightforward, blunt Virgo.


Clutter Mind & White Lies.

Clutter sometimes brings confusion because organization does not live there. And in that clutter it is difficult to see clearly. My house is currently a mess because I refuse to tend to the clothes lying on the floor. For that reason, I haven’t had many friends over.

If they came over, how would they know what clean looks like at my place?

“Hey Xiao I’m coming over, I have Cabernet. Let’s hang.” - A person who knows my weakness.

“Cabernet!! Sorry would love to but I can’t, I’m busy.” - A white lite.

This example is totally elementary. But too often we as powerful women run into situations where miscommunication appears, because we’re afraid to voice how we really feel.


(snippet from the Uncut Series, Wyze and I discussing major communication issues.)



Xiao’s $0.02

Life is not fair, but that doesn’t mean we should choose to be unfair with it. We all have a voice; a powerful voice that can either heal or cut deep. So forget the saying "Communication is key." and replace it with "Direct communication is key."

I would love if all nudists became bold with what you have to say and just say it.

Now let Queen be.


Love, Xiao. (Leave naked thoughts below and share with other nudists!)