F*CK Cancer! Momma We Made It!

In 2011, my mother (Mama Mei) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (BC) and is alive and well because she kept her faith in God. During this challenging time, my eyes as well as many others, were open to the reality between life and death. I was 16 when my father told my sister and I the awful news. Being ditsy and all, I actually didn't know what happened to my mother until I saw my sister sobbing and and he finally said, "You're mother is fighting cancer."

At times it feels like my mother never experienced fighting breast cancer, but often when I see her changing clothes, it's a permanent reminder she is a BC survivor. Mama Mei went through a surgically procedure called, bilateral vasectomy, which is the removal of each breast. As a child I jokingly would always lay my head on my mother's breast because of how soft and plush they were, however after her experience I've learned to ease up and admire her beauty from afar.

After five (5) years watching my mother live as a survivor of breast cancer, I seldom will rub against my small girls to feel any abnormal lumps. Since its best to find any disease or sickness early in age, I encourage others who have a family history to get checked out asap. And in honor of October National Breast Cancer Awareness month, if you are experiencing this fight or know someone who is...give them words of wisdom from Mama Mei.

"I think we give too much credibility to the word cancer. And we just need to know that it is a sickness and you can survive."