Embracing Other Cultures: The Setbacks & Benefits

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by Wyze


Never in a million years would I have guessed my “almost” future mother-in-law would tell me what wedding dress to wear. Every idea and every concept I envisioned as a little girl flew out the window immediately. Apparently, watching Say Yes To The Dress was in vain. I questioned myself. Should I sacrifice my dream because of their beliefs? Is this what sacrificing feels like? Is this what compromising feels like? Will my parents agree?

No. No. Absolutely not. Sometimes, winning the hearts of our loved ones is challenging, especially when trying to accept and embrace their culture. But, losing yourself in the midst of it all does not compare to discerning for something REAL.

Sacrifice Vs. Standards (It Gets Really Complicated)

Culture standards intend to bring respect, set boundaries and maintain traditions. Weirdly, they can do the exact opposite. Instead, they can separate people from their preferred desires and detach one from their authentic self.

Growing up in a Christian background as a Monotheist – not everyone saw eye-to-eye with my faith. For example, in my years of dating those who believed in a god also believed in the universe or evolution. Atheists claimed they did not believe, but were open minded to a greater being. Christians were nice enough to respect boundaries, but too conservative to grab dinner plus a movie. So where in the world do I win? … an infinite questioned left unanswered.

Holding high standards is necessary in my opinion, but the relevant question is do we simmer them down if people can’t live up to them? It's as simple as someone walking into an Asian’s house with his or her shoes on. Do you kick them out or what?

Adventure Is Bliss In The Newness of Discovering

Not to scare you, but there are benefits of having friends with different backgrounds and ethnicities. There are opportunities to speak their language, taste their foods and learn their history along with traditions. The best adventure of embracing new cultures is attending a wedding!

Weddings are an emotional and spiritual experience. It’s a new beginning for everyone and the best way to bust a quick dance move other than your own 2-step.

XIAO’S $0.02

Fear hinders our mind to be open-minded. There are greater traditions and cultures out there, but some of us will never experience how creative and beautiful this world truly is.

Make this your goal: befriend people outside of your race, date someone out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to try cooking exotic dishes versus the ordinary.

Trust me, it’s worth it.