Dear Someone

Photo by carli jeen

Dear Someone,

You came as a sperm and swam your heart into the vaginal area enlarging your mother's womb.

You learned the ways of the world, always asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

You gave into trusting others with your all. You helped and cursed the hearts of many.

You created memories worth reliving that appear in a Déjà vu.

You kissed, loved, or made love to the past you will never escape.

You look for another leaping into their hands, uncertain of your own good doing.

You recount the mishaps researching again and again for those who are suitable for your soul.

You consume disbelief only to believe again.

You are the hope for the next sperm that swims its heart away and encouragement to who’s next to you.

If no one is next to you at all, you have the greatest gift.

Find the forgotten and you will find yourself.