Building The Next Generation

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by YouKenLook


Accepting The Unknown

My body could reject reproducing a baby, who knows? I could end up single forever, but who knows? I could also have 7 Chihuahuas running like crazy in ten years.

I may not have the answers to everything, but one thing certain is my vision to adopt.


The Message of "Why?"

I want to adopt to build the next generation.

I desire to be the pathway for a little boy/girl who needs love and affection.

I wish to guide, drive, and push an innocent soul to believe in the impossible.

I crave to give a child the privilege to live without worry of their tomorrow or where their next meal is.

...I do not want to neglect a child’s growth, because tradition tells me "wait for a man." I love men, but that's why I refuse to wait for one, while a child’s education and survival suffers daily.

On Edge of Differences

Diversity is beauty. I intentionally look forward to adopt children from different backgrounds with ethnic cultures. Some called me the next Angelina Jolie, but her and my bank accounts are extremely different haha! According to startup costs range from $20 to $40 thousand.

My goal isn’t to adopt as many children, but change one life at a time and spread awareness of adoption.

To all my ladies, if you're unable to conceive or aren't ready to settle down yet, but would like to develop the next generation. I encourage you to explore your options and estimate your investment at

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