Week One: Awakening

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Written by Isaiah C. Boyd

First, I want to say that this isn’t supposed to be a “how to awaken” blog. This is a personal note from me to you on how my life is a symbol from God in the midst of all that is going on. I want to show you how I awakened to this point because I feel after almost 24 years of life that I have received a lot of insight on what consciousness can be and what energy is on multiple scales of existence. 


At 6-years-old I realized that I had a vision connected to an energy I couldn’t explain. One night I began to experience what I know now is lucid dreaming. I laid on my side and immersed into the lower forms of brainwaves and now I realize I was stepping into connection with the astral world. 

I would see a blue aura pop up around the open door to the bedroom I shared with my siblings. Through the door stepped a hooded, floating being and as soon as it got to my bed, I would hear a low vibrating tone, I fell asleep for a second, only to end up on the figure’s shoulders. As we floated in the living room, it looked different, like a white portal. When we got to the couch, I was in my dreams, fully lucid. That first dream was with Scooby Doo and Shaggy in the mystery machine. I remember every time I had this dream I would pop up on a foggy street then the aura would pull up and scoop me. The dream was reoccuring for a couple of years and it felt like terrors and ghouls haunted my life.

At 7, in the middle of the night and when I got to the bathroom, I saw the doorway split horizontally and there was a ghoul in there. I was shook by fear and passed out in the hallway. My sister found me and I opened up to her and she grabbed what I was saying like a sponge. She and I chased the darkness together. “Isaiah, if you think about what you want before you go to bed, you can see it when you fall asleep. That’s how you control your dreams.” My sister was 5-years-old. 


Needless to say, we were highly empathetic to energies outside of the normal realm, even though we weren’t aware of their value yet. But from this point, it definitely didn’t feel like life wanted me to be magical. So much advertising to children made me scared of the dark even more. After 9-years-old, things got so vulnerable and I really felt like I couldn't connect to anything I had seen as a 7-year-old. I was generally in a fear-based mind state, I was bullied often, and I needed glasses. After getting glasses, things just got weird and I really felt locked into the matrix. It was like everything from that point was numb and I really was just in a “normal” flow, but what saved me was music. 


Music awakened me to the God energy that had been present all along, because your boy became a drummer at 9-years-old. I was passionate that I had an outlet to focus on and get my anger out through because of the pressures of society around me and problems between my parents. Music kept me grounded through college. 

But, at 16-years-old (2011), I started experiencing panic attacks and they felt like heart attacks. I have memories of being in performances, public events, with my girlfriend, or even at home making beats. During one, I even felt the need to go to the hospital to get a blood test. Little did I know, I wasn’t sick, I was simply awakening to my true higher energy.

I moved to college and moving away from the toxic vibes that were entangled into my life was like hitting a restart button. It was just enough to get me on the right path to enlightenment. I got to Tiffin, Ohio and my mind’s eye was aligned with a playground to explore and create new opportunities. But the same cycles crept in with anxiety, drug use, and toxic relationships within a party atmosphere. 


What changed was becoming more intelligent with how I spent my time and energy to make sure I could become a professional at music production and DJing. nd I did. So much so that it took me far from my studies to the point I had to pivot my sophomore year. When my grades got bad, I had to start being mindful. So I found binaural beats (if you want an explanation check out @thephantomreality on IG). They worked for me and I learned about an app called “Headspace” that allowed me to tap into mindfulness through meditation. I started meditating every morning and meditation became part of my lifestyle, which transformed me. I stopped drinking as much, I started eating better, and I was working more hours. 

2015 had major ups and downs, though. After touring, I experienced the worst depression episode because I felt uninspired by school and it made me too busy to do music. One lonely day in Tiffin during Spring Break, I was incredibly sad, smoked a blunt, and made a track that changed my life. I ended the semester with a bang, feeling increased focus. I was working on my goals, making money, making music, and coming to a place of self discovery. But things really plateaued when school began because I realized it wasn’t for me. It drove me to a suicide attempt. I realized change was necessary, so I dropped out and moved to Columbus with my former band 


2016 began and I was beginning to awaken to the gears of synchronicity. Through Jimmy John’s (lol, of all places) I connected with AssOut comedian, Christian HB, and he said that Danny Soto was weird like me, so we would connect well. We did and we became best friends. He took me down the rabbit hole of mindfulness. We became roommates and began to push the boundaries of awareness in mindfulness. 

2016 truly was an awakening year, but what pushed it over was meeting Buddha Xan. This is where the new chapter of life truly began. I learned from him techniques that saved my life. From headstand, to sungazing, or living a subconscious life more holistically by fasting I was immersed into the jet stream of consciousness. Around this time I started to pick up on tools that could help me learn about the ego and how to understand different personality archetypes, which allowed me to better understand myself. 


2017 and 2018 was about aligning myself and inner healing to attract the right people into my radius who inspire me to continue to build on my progress. 2019 has been about entering into a more stable living situation with quality role models. Sunday 7/14/19  it was published by Buddha Xan that he had been fasting for 7 days no solid food with a goal of 14 days to complete.

Today I am now also stepping into the fast and awakening to new potential inward for cleansing and opening myself to more sunlight. My goal is 10 days. Everyday I will be practicing yoga and meditation to enhance my body’s focus, flexibility, and capability of being a strong human with cleansing inner. The inner child is subconscious and what’s also subconscious is your intestines. I’m awakening to letting go of the construct of what is normal to me and transforming my mind without a choice. I’m doing this for me, but it’s also for my loved ones and the world. 

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