4 Ways to Visualize Your Tomorrow

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by Wyze

Something is missing and you can’t quite put your thoughts in order. Your feet won’t move, but your mind is traveling beyond its physical self. You realized you have become stagnant and all of your ideas to grow as an entrepreneur (#girlboss) are being hindered.

If this is the current you or a sis you know who can relate, share this with them.

Now take a deep breath.

Start researching internally what it is that you want. Aside from your family’s traditional views, apart from what people demand you should invest your energy into and disregard the way the world will perceive you.

J U S T  B R E A T H E.

I too have battled those thoughts you’ve heard. When people’s voices play like a broken violin ordering where you should live, telling you who not to hook up with, or the career path you should pursue and how much money to budget, etc.

To share a few, these were the daily conversations I had to configure if they were worth listening to. And for the extensive years of listening to others, my happiness became a sacrifice because I was pleasing them. It wasn’t until after I decided to go public on my Instagram profile that I understood my personal values were in no competition with others. From this day forward competition does not exist.

“ Real learning comes about when the competitive spirt has ceased.”

-   Jiddu Krishnamurti

First, going from private to a public page was a major step for starting my new journey as an open book. Because I knew exactly who would stalk me, who was sending screenshots to others of my images and the females that would gossip about my lifestyle. I remained private for several years.

MY personal values did not change until I realized that I was solely in competition with myself. Afterwards, I visualized my tomorrow with more clarity. But, without putting in action these four concepts, I would never have birthed my desires into fruition.


#1: Reading AD Magazines

My spirit always had a passion for sexy designs and Architectural Digest magazines which happens to have every design that’s unimaginable. Receiving AD monthly magazines arose my mind to view my perspective differently. It sets my mind apart from common thinkers and pushes me to be consistent as a creative, innovative artist.

If you’re not a design lover, find what magazine brings out your creative thought process to view ideas differently. Study it. Gain new understanding. And watch how you target your goals from peculiar angles.

#2: Mood Boards

This concept is popular enough that I’m sure you either know about it or have created a mood board yourself. However, when creating a mood board - I keep it simple. I stick to a cohesive color scheme and layout a messy collage that helps me visualize a concept while looking at a cluttered layout.

I prefer my board cluttered due to reverse psychology. Though my layout is busy with images overlapping, I am in control of choosing parts of the board to create an idea from. Mood boards truly help visualizing the basics.

#3: Writing On White Boards

For quick, easy ways to gather my thoughts I write on a dry-erase board. Unlike writing on paper, I am able to see multiple colors (red, black, green, blue, etc.) and create specific goals for where I want to see myself in life. If I reached a goal, I’ll quickly erase my marker and update my accomplishments.

It’s quick, effective and enhances your blueprint of values.

#4: Reading Like-Minded Articles/Books

This is the most important. I cannot stress enough how vital educating your mind to expand its capacity with more and more information and knowledge brings you greater success during your personal growth. Studies have shown millionaires read on average 2 or more books per month, which totals to roughly 25 books or more a year.

Generally speaking, I read articles similar to my blogs. My top sources are: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Life With Me by Marianna Hewitt, Hypebae and Medium.

And here are books I read for self-improvement - Because of A Woman by Malanda Jean-Claude, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and Sour Honey & Soul Food By Billy Chapata.

Milk and Honey
By Rupi Kaur
Sour Honey & Soul Food
By Billy Chapata


Xiao’s $0.02

Knowing competition doesn’t exist is by far the most exciting discovery I’ve came across. And in order for our goals to be accomplished, even through our losses and failures, it’s a comfortable feeling knowing we’re not in competition with anyone else but our self.

So cherish your values, visualize your tomorrow in your own frame and remember to J U S T  B R E A T H E.