3 Reasons Why You Should Never Quit



In all that we do, our daily routine activities are done with expectation of what is to come. When it comes to going out with the girls, we know who’s going to get emotional after one glass of wine, who’ll be the first to dance and who will show up an hour late with multiple undecided outfits. Overtime, life becomes predictable. But, here’s why we should always live on edge, ready to pursue and not give up.  Read my naked thoughts to explain why: 


1. You Become Comfortable Not Seeing an Outcome

Once a routine is set in motion, we easily relax because if we are successful in one area, we will duplicate all necessary steps in order to achieve success again. Not to rain on your parade, but the architecture of life was not designed that way. So we live in fear of unfulfillment. But, I believe fear can be a great asset if used correctly. As most children, I was afraid of the dark. At night I craved desserts but respected those asleep. So I would walk in the dark and became content with not being able to see, which taught me how to feel. The sense of touch in dark places was my new outcome and I no longer depended on the light for my sweet cravings.


2. Others View You As Unreliable

Generally, people’s opinions about me are irrelevant, but I still keep a keen ear towards someone’s opinion. Why? Because someone’s perception about me determines their approach and I personally desire to be approachable, especially towards children and teenagers. Being a nanny to three children for six years taught me despite age people rely on you to execute a task. Whether simple or difficult, my task was to provide safety to all three children and be reliable for each parent.


3. You Neglect Room For Failure and Growth

This is the most valuable lesson yet - learning to fail. As individuals we enjoy appraisals and applauses when we achieve a goal. Although how often are we satisfied when we are disappointed or when we have failed a task? No, we should not be glad when issues arise and we never complete a task, but the initial acceptance towards a loss is the key that unlocks any door in order to move in a new arena.

This past Sunday I accepted my faults skiing at Mad River. I became frustrated because I found myself often alone and isolated skiing the slowest downhill, while others were well advanced. My own family abandoned me, which is hysterical and no offense was taken. I, however, almost gave up and flat out quit. But I didn’t because I wanted more for myself.


Xiao’s $0.02

Morale of the story, despite the obstacles life throws your way, never give up, never give in, keep pushing, keep striving, keep fulfilling your dreams, keep dreaming, keep setting goals, keep achieving your goals, keep doing whatever you were destined to do and purposed to be.

These are my naked thoughts.