#NoJudge: Images Aren't Always As They Seem


I never want to feel forced to prove my status to society by posting an image, when it doesn't reflect how I feel...

Social media has become wild and reckless in the past several years. It consumes people to believe it's mandatory they explain who they are. From posting their career accomplishments, latest materialistic item, whereabouts or relationship status; social media demands people should include the world on every single detail. (By all means, I like my privacy to a certain extent, don't you?)

A good example I tell others is how in my past relationship ALL I heard (literally all I heard) was, “You guys look like the perfect couple” or “Y'all are relationship goals, why can't I be like that.” Which weren't bad comments, but I reflect on it now and notice majority of the admirations were based solely on what my relationship looked like. Unfortunately it was far from perfect and if anything it was stressful and tiring. Yes, my ex and I took amazing pictures, but it was such a lie. Please don't quote me wrong, I enjoyed many moments with him and have nothing against him, however, feeling the need to post a happy image when we were going through was a major mistake. That's how I realized our relationship immediately had become a social media frenzy.   

With that in mind, I felt this issue should be deeply considered and I teamed up with an aspiring fashion designer, Jordan Chavez. He wholeheartedly agreesof  my perspective and through his expressesive style, I believed this would be perfect to demonstrate our #NoJudge series. It consists of diverse images of two people who portray a certain image society expects them to be. But in reality their personalities may or may not be completely different. To propagate the series we will further collaborate by expanding our boarders and to help change the perspectives of many.

Come with us on our #NoJudge series and comment who you think they appear to be.             Xiao Mei @blazian_doll // Jordan Chavez @chavezxjordan

Images provided by Markia Walker, Creator of LetMeFlashU Photography, (letmeflashu.com). All rights reserved.