Get Selfish, Spend Less, Enjoy More!

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by Anonmyous


Tis’ the season of joy and love for Christmas. It is my second favorite holiday because of family gatherings, but of course Christmas wouldn’t be the same without gifts. This holiday people are usually selfless by giving gifts, sharing cheer and surrounding themselves with loved ones. But, I want to share with you all why it’s the perfect time to be selfish.

The holidays are exciting, but can become an expense when pleasing multiple people. Especially, if you have a large family like myself, it’s difficult to keep everyone in mind. If you followed me for some time then you know I enjoy the gift of meaning. So here are great some gifts I gifted before that are perfect if you’re on a tight budget.



An original gift to share is your happiness towards your partner. It’s a token that can spring up memories they will always remember. (I’d show you mine, but my Ex did not give his consent lol.)

Handmade Love Card - I purchased a large poster from the dollar store, folded in half and used the left side to write my raw thoughts. The right side I filled with pictures of our time together. Total Cost: $5 to $10 (depends on decoration and number of images)



Moms know children nowadays love technology. They want the latest gadget when they can only afford bubble gum. But if we’re going to be selfish, we can still please them and still be merry and bright ourselves.

A Timeless Ornament - My sister and I did this as kids. We had our picture taken, printed it out, glued our image to a tree-like or heart shaped cardboard, hole punched the top and tied a string through it. It’s an easy way to create an ornament, stay within budget, and develop a timeless object our children can keep every holiday when we are deceased. Total Cost: $10 to $15.



Friends have different styles and taste but here’s an idea to get you started…

Candles With A Surprise – Knowing your friend’s favorite fragrance is important. Whether they like unisex scents, fruity sprits or nature-like colognes. To make it personal, embed a nonflammable object inside, such as: dried flowers or rings and overtime they’ll see it. Total Cost: $20 to $35.

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