Giardina Speaks Through Her Designs

"I have always had a love for art and designing. It's a great way to express myself while creating something beautiful." Rachel Giardina stated. Who knew sitting at her desk for almost an entire day designing could be so much fun? After all this is the number one love and passionate interests of Giardina. As a full-time Advertising and Graphic Design student at Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio Rachel has gravitated towards her career path in the design field. She currently has illustrated mockups for Ava Anderson, Flow, and Mr. Coffee.

Born in Pittsburgh, Ohio but was raised in Pickerington, Ohio; her main focus in life of course was art and to create timeless and inspirational conceptions. Giardina's craft displays vivid and playful energies with professionalism. Her creativity speaks for itself in its simple, minimalist, but visually captivating methods of thinking. 

Earlier this year Giardina and myself walked downtown on High Street browsing art galleries, attending the Latin Festival, and also supporting Columbus, Ohio's Annual Gallery Hop event. As artists it's great to vibe off one another and grab ideas that will inspire each other to achieve greater goals in our near future. Did I mention Giardina is the best to hangout with because her bubbly personality makes you feel better after having a bad day? And to mention, aside from handling business matters she loves to meditate, practice yoga, and enjoys watching football games with her family. So although she means business in design, Giardina also has a fun and optimistic charisma.

So don't let her sweet and princess styled personality fool you. She's surely determined about her designing career and is a sophisticated artist who won't take no for an answer. If you haven't seen her work already well this is your chance to discover Columbus, Ohio's very own.

View Rachel Giardina's work here too! Website   Instagram   Behance 

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