DC Meets OH

Every Stylish Girl, created by Nana Agyemang, whom is a fashion journalist located in Washington, DC, teamed up with myself to create a special Christmas look book. The concept was designed for those who have no clue what to wear for a Christmas party or who just needed a few guided tips, plus some style inspiration. 

During this shoot, both Nana and I had the time of our lives and cannot wait till next year to collaborate again. For those who know me quite well, understand that I'm a very fashion forward individual and style in most neutral colored tones. So this photo shoot's topic regarding Christmas; which are your typical colors of red and green was a bit challenging for me. However, Nana helped encourage me to pull this one off! I applaud Nana for being such a stylish and independent young woman who isn't afraid to come out of her comfort zone. Yes, it's true colors do scare me and are not my best friend; therefore, this look book concept was perfect for me to take on. 

A few pieces I styled were the JLO ankle black and gold boots, topped with a red sweater, paired with a boxed-patterned black and white blazer to compliment it and give the overall outfit texture. I also included my favorite essentials that are my gold and turquoise Fossil watch and Forever 21 gold, double-crossed necklace. Wearing these small essentials have been incorporated throughout my every day outfits, so if I forget them because I'm rushing, my entire day is pretty much ruined. Have you ever felt that feeling?

Despite the fact, as we enter into a new Christmas celebration with that comes new gifts and presents! Let's hope you get what you've wished for; which may be a new faux fur coat or knee-high boots or possibly more of your favorite daily essentials. Whatever may be the case remember to wear what you've got on with confidence, because confidence is KEY. Fashion Designer, Kayne West, has surely proven that we can wear baggy, torn clothes and still look fashionable dressed in style, which I absolutely love, as long as it's worn with confidence.

And I hope you all enjoyed our collaboration and grabbed a few guided tips on how we styled our looks for this Christmas. I would love to see some of your outfits, so feel free to connect with me and also send your feedback :)

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