Founder + Creative Director of The Columbus Book Project is Alexia Winfield. She's someone I can call friend that I also look up to for many reasons - she's a dominator of herself, very hard-working, persistent when tasks are at hand and has a powerful delivery in everything she sets her mind to. 

The first time I saw Lexyia was at her launch party for The Columbus Book Project. I officially met her through mutual friends and since then her and I have kept in touch. 

Aside from speaking with her of her accomplishments as a self-publisher and newly founder of Human of Columbus - it's was fun putting her under the hot seat with some wild questions only Nudists can answer. 

AKA...Naked Thoughts Only! 

In her Uncut interview we discuss business management, how to balance your every day workflow and stay on task despite of the challenges we all face in life. From dating and relationships to managing life as a mom.

Lexyia is a woman who I look up to because she gets the job done and pushes people to limits they never knew within theirself. 


- Xiao

FreakY Friday PART I

Freaky Friday PART II


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Uncut Interview


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