It all started when…

I met Jenai in 2017 during the Columbus Book Project launch party at the Columbus Museum of Art. She personally invited me to her yoga class that she instructs at Replenish Spa. So of course I gave it a try because yoga is one of my main exercises for health and wellness. 

From then to now I've connected with Jenai on a friendship level and collaborated with her on projects focused on empowering women and men who lack self-love. Because partaking in yoga takes a great deal of love within yourself to be comfortable with your body holistically. 

Jenai has taught me how beautiful the rebirth process is when life suddenly seems to renew and start all over again. She's also empowered me to establish yoga within my everyday routine whether at work, driving in the car, in class at Replenish or even in the bedroom.

So take a listen to the wise Jenai whose zodiac sign is the same as mine. Cheers Virgos!

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