Detailz For Dayz

As an adult, I've grown into appreciating a clean and well-organized atmosphere. It makes life easier and mentally distresses me from a long day at work. I've never been the clean freak type of gal, but at times will find time to purge my messy areas. From my bedroom, bathroom to my car and kitchen.

Since it's necessary to clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I decided to give my bathroom a new look. But before I did, clothes covered the floor, toothpaste was splattered everywhere, and makeup stained on the counter. So I wanted to share some of the small details with you all. I incorporated metallic textures, gold accessories, and silver amenity sets to store appliances.

It's inspiring for this Fall season and with white details makes it mandatory to keep everything neat and clean, especially my white fur rug! If you have great tips you would want to see me add-on, comment below!