Worth Another Experience


Investment is one of many religions I take to heart regardless of what the focus may be. Whether it’s materialistic clothing, food, dating, friendships to business related topics I believe time and money are worth my concerns before diving too deep into something.

The older I become the more I realize quality vs. quantity is a true statement.

I now live to experience memories worth reliving and investing into things that offer me substance and great value. Regardless of price, I’ve discovered I am an individual who will always pay for an unforgettable experience.


In this case when it comes to smelling good and being in style for any occasion, I always wear my Mon Paris Eau De Parfum from Yves Saint Laurent with Scilva Aldo Tote bag. Both are Paris styled with elegance, sophistication, and femininity. I’m constantly receiving numerous compliments (from both men and women) every time I go out, am at work, or socializing at events.

I cannot live without my two accessories on a daily basis! Start Investing into what’s worth it…



My Interior Design Obsession!


You’d expect nothing less from design magazines like: Architectural Digest, Roche Bobois, and lifestyle guide books from Author, Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere and The Kinfolk. These are some of my great go to for ideas and concepts (or to become obsessed with) not just in how to design a room, but studying spatial layouts, adding texture, character, or creating a cohesive layout that's inviting for entertainment. 


I’m obsessed with challenging myself (for example, how to make a condensed room become seemingly open with usage of the right color.) So I've started at home as an aspiring interior designer. Since mid of 2016, I’ve taken small rooms and redesigned them. (I can't wait to show you the completed work later this year!)



Winging any renovation or redesign project is unacceptable. Capturing the details and being thorough during planning will take some TLC; luckily I was able to have hands on experience with my previous job at an architectural firm. The best result when renovating is seeing the before and after completion of a project. Whether residential or commercial, it's my favorite part!

#LipSense - Never Kiss The Same Again

Lip Sense has officially changed the game with how I drink, wear white clothes to how I give great smooches! I no longer fear my lipstick rubbing off onto everything (like my coffee mug for example), but with Lip Sense I have confidence of looking gorgeous and feeling great!

Lip Sense a Lipstick that is:

  1. Smudge Proof
  2. Waterproof
  3. Organic
  4. Vegan
  5. Long-Lasting
  6. Restores Dry Lips

Thanks to the beautiful Founder of Senegence, Joni Rogers-Kante, she is the reason I want to share my Lip Senese journey with you all! Senegence is a international company that has received wonderful testimonials from women all around the world, including myself. However if it wasn't for Mei Li Workman (a famous Instagram lifestyle blogger), I would've remained unaware. Meili searched for 5 ladies, so I got bold and reached out to her (Yes, I slid in her DM). Luckily did I know, I'd be face-timing her discussing the unlimited possibilities becoming a distributor of Sengence.

My goal is to create greater awareness of Lip Sense and help change your lip life forever! To all MUA's, men who hate their women leaving a red lip on their cheek, to my beauty lovers: I want you try Lip Sense! To order, email me your name, email, and shade you would like to try at info@stylemenude.com or on Instagram: @blazian_doll

I'll help you find your perfect shade and discuss more products within the Senegence family. I can't wait to hear from you! :)


Detailz For Dayz

As an adult, I've grown into appreciating a clean and well-organized atmosphere. It makes life easier and mentally distresses me from a long day at work. I've never been the clean freak type of gal, but at times will find time to purge my messy areas. From my bedroom, bathroom to my car and kitchen.

Since it's necessary to clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I decided to give my bathroom a new look. But before I did, clothes covered the floor, toothpaste was splattered everywhere, and makeup stained on the counter. So I wanted to share some of the small details with you all. I incorporated metallic textures, gold accessories, and silver amenity sets to store appliances.

It's inspiring for this Fall season and with white details makes it mandatory to keep everything neat and clean, especially my white fur rug! If you have great tips you would want to see me add-on, comment below!