Drama Isn't Necessary Sis.

Written by Xiao Mei // Captured by Tiffani H.


Casual Girl Talk

I wasn’t always the peacemaker in many complications. In fact, I was known as the instigator, but unfortunately I couldn’t help being young, dumb and enjoying the fact I talked to my girls for “casual talk.” #Gossiping

Shocking but we’ve all been there, done it, and can cross off our checklist: almost double tapped Becky with the good hair photos, instead being focused on our priorities. #Lurking

That was the younger version of me and thankfully loss of friendships helped disciplined me to appreciate the #1 key to saving all relationships: Direct Communication and Giving Space. (I lied, that’s technically two, but the more the merrier.) In the past, if mixed signals and lack of acknowledgement towards a situation occurred, I would go almost insane. That’s my truth.

Communication is Key. That's Bull!

To the issues that were uncontrollable, I gassed them up to be tamed, which wasn’t necessarily the case. 24/7 I would want to settle this issue, at any time, any place. But the cliché saying “Communication is key.” is complete BULL! Communication is simply conversing, but here’s the difference:

- “I’m over it. I don’t have time for this, I’m too grown for drama.”

Drama is uncalled for, it’s just human beings being upset, however where is that getting you? Upset and more annoyed...

- Try this: I’m upset and I don’t like how the situation got out of hand. I would appreciate if you came towards me in a calm manner and communicated on a peaceful tone. If angry, then we should wait it out and I’ll be here when you’re ready to discuss.

Longevity, Balance and Reality.

Of course more was said, but the results are something I’m sure you can appreciate. Personally it took a year for one of my friendships to reconnect, so take it from someone who’s lost, but regained more than full. The reality is not every relationship needs saving. However, this is a major BUT! Understand longevity is mind-blowing. If any friendship is worth while, it will return in full circle.


Xiao's $0.02

Love you all! Go make new friends and keep your old ones around, they might not see tomorrow ❤️