Traveling With Xiao Mei

Written & Captured by Xiao Mei

Traveling is essential to me and is required at random whenever I need an escape from home. So last weekend I traveled further East of Columbus, OH to Washington, D.C. for a birthday celebration and family visits. Of course packing was the worst (due to being a procrastinator), but it was well worth it.

Writing this post I give warm hugs to the beautiful ladies I call friends and family that I partied hard with last weekend. Though it’s a blast living in Columbus, this trip tempted me want to move to Washington, D.C. and start fresh. BUT WHY XIAO? Well as my girls advised me:

1.     Washington has numerous opportunities (esp. for careers) – Sidney

2.     It’s a diverse, cultural city with modern architecture – Bubs (Julienne)

3.     The city is progressive and that's major key! – Suki

Once I came back to reality, I realized Columbus, OH fortunately still has my heart. With that said, throughout my trip I vlogged to document memories in a creative way. If you don’t know what vlogging is, it’s really simple and I’m sure you do it every day. Vlogging is basically sharing with the world a documentation of your lifestyle activities. And thanks to Snapchat, Instagram, and now Facebook, we’re all capable of doing it.

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Style Me Nude Blog Xiao Mei



BACK SEAT choice but made the best of it.


pure bliss.