Every Boss Babe Should Travel

This year I came to the conclusion that I travel pretty frequently and it is a privilege I do not take for granted. Although I enjoy the newness of sight-seeing and meeting new folks, the greatest disadvantage when trying to travel is being financially unstable.

It’s a difficult system to overcome, but with the proper tools and guidance (trust me) it is worth every penny. 

If you never considered traveling because you’re preoccupied with deadlines, hopefully you let me help change your mind. Considering I am a young entrepreneur who doesn’t always get what I want, but to every boss babe, please best believe I work to experience the treasures in life. So lose sight of your responsibilities for a split second and zone in on why you deserve to see the world.


First thing’s first, what will you do. Knowing your plans can be the hardest part of traveling, since it depends on who you’re going with, the purpose of your trip and the length of your stay.

Surprisingly, the essentials of traveling isn’t so much about cost or location. It’s more crucial to define your party that will be joining you. As a believer of what I sow is what I reap, I only want good energy in my atmosphere so it is a priority adventuring with company I will enjoy.

So I’m actually guilty for traveling autonomously, because accommodating others can be a hassle. Especially if my group gets stuck in TSA – for instance they forget their luggage or passport. At that moment, it’s not convenient for me so I prefer meeting my group at our destined point. (Trust me, it’s happened before and I had anxiety.)

But let’s not get confused that this is a rude thing, it’s just an honest lifestyle. So be firm when traveling and go your own pace. If your finances tell you stay home sipping a glass of wine instead of attending your girlfriend’s birthday turnup; no need to apologize. Your safety and security comes first. Just be honest with yourself and others.


To go where you never been before is exciting and gives a rush of adrenaline. Today, I traveled to almost every state in the U.S. and to Mexico. Of course there’s more to explore, but selecting the right venue can be tricky.

Great resources to research areas that I use are tools I’m sure you heard of. Airbnb and Instagram hashtags are most useful because of genuine reviews and high-quality images. Also, travel bloggers with extensive followers who interactive with their feed are top-notch to follow. Why? Because you’re gaining a real review from someone who has experienced a place you haven’t.

some of my favorite travel bloggers:

1. Marianna Hewitt

2. Jeanne Grey

3. Aggie Lal

Hearing a recommended venue by word of mouth is cool, but in order to make a decision, you need more than just words. So use your tools, read the reviews (yes, even the long paragraphs) and validate the images to select your next whereabout.


I will not lie to you. I’m actually in debt, but who else isn’t? People who just graduated from college are in debt, but does that hinder them from living their best life? From drinking daily? Does it keep them at home twiddling their fingers, while friends enjoy concerts? Uhm, NO!

So I know you might be in debt love, but keep reading.


Truly time is one thing we all have, but not for long. As long as you plan accordingly you can still live a life you want while prioritizing your vacations. Luckily, I have a private financial counselor who I meet on a monthly basis (or when needed) to discuss my expenses, investments and long-term goals for where my funds should be. 

I encourage all women who are entrepreneurs not to let your pride get in the way of seeking financial help. If you have an opportunity to gain insight from a financial analyst, DO IT. They know the ins and outs that you don’t and will be great help in discipling your spending.

So far, the most beneficial way for me to save money for traveling is to save cash only. It’s very easy to swipe a credit card than it is to hand the cashier a handful of cash hidden in purse somewhere mixed in with my coins. So I label an envelope “TRAVEL” and stack some cash.

Cash is profitable when saving. It allows you to visually see what you have and appreciate how much you saved.


Not all of us have a photographer by our side when we vacation to Positano, ready to take our flicks. I wish sis…

Now don’t lie…we live for the gram because it’s our modern day communication system. Sharing photographs is how we allow someone to see our lifestyle. And if we never took a picture then it never happened, right?

That’s why you should invest into a DSLR and sturdy tripod.

For those who are camera illiterate:

-          Set your DSLR onto auto-focus (preferably Al Servo – because the camera will adjust its focus continually when you step away from the camera)

-          Set the self-timer to continuous by pressing the left side button, which leads you into drive mode.

-          Connect your camera on your tri-pod and slay away!



For the longest I been faithful to American Airlines, consistently racking up mileage points. However, that recently on my last trip as I decided to book Southwest and was in complete awe.

The flights were feasible, status updates were immediate (if delayed), the plane was extremely spacious, not to mention snacks are unlimited, which the attendants don’t become bothersomed with and seats are unassigned.

Side not: For those who fly Spirit, please comment how that goes…because I need my spirit and am skeptical of a new airline.

Xiao’s $0.02

If you’re afraid to travel, you’re already doing yourself a disservice. Why? Because leaving home can expose you to beautiful cultures, unforgettable scenery and powerful mindsets.

Your energy at home is different than the energy you tour to see. So for every boss babe, entrepreneur or lover or this Earth; I encourage you to invest creating a healthier lifestyle of seeing this world from a different view.

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