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Xiao’s Self-Reflection

N E W Y O R K | @10:30A.M. - There I stood wondering…

What am I so afraid of?

knowing what i signed up for

It’s quick to chalk up a conversation about why you should never give up on your business, your desires and YOUR dream -- until you settle in your own game and face reality.

I’ve dealt with this for the past month or so and I admit that I’ve been inconsistent with content and feed production. My next post was supposed to be about birth control, but I allowed fear to settle in and get the best of me. My blog is very personal like reading an open book. It’s easy to read in between the lines of who I’m mad at, who I recently dated, how much sex I’ve had (sorry mom) or any personal related issues I’m dealing with.

So I questioned, how the hell do celebrities eat, breath and sleep knowing everyone views them under a microscope?!

Living in a small city like Columbus doesn’t help much at all either. Hence I’ve written about FWB’s (friends with benefits), dating older men (like grandpa type of old men), domestic violence, broken trusts, mental illness, etc, etc.

I soon realized people LOVE to play the guessing game and enjoy connecting the dots. You know, they like to put a name to a face? Gossip and shit? The type of pointless activities we all love to do. Because of this, I took a step away from writing and hid in the shadows of other people’s success.

I valued people’s perceptions too much.

hi nudists, i’m back.

I eventually knew coming back to the blog was a no brainer. Writing is therapeutic to me, so anyone’s perception of me could disrupt my personal enjoyments for only so long.

This same concept goes for you too -- you may be feeling pushed back because you simply value what people say about you. It’s time to cut that out ladies!

We are the prime gender that talks about our sex. Women talking about women, shits just NOT new.

O H I O | Aug. 26 @4P.M.

@EXPRESSYOURHUSTLE - A Women’s Empowerment Event:

During open discussion… a woman asked the panelist…

“After you’ve found your green light what helps you keep going?”

…I was the first to answer and I responded, “Self-Reflections.


photo by wyze.

It is a simple task that many people often do not understand what it incorporates and entails. So I gave her some examples.

“When I do my self-reflections, I ask myself questions as if I am interviewing ME. For example, why am I angry at him for doing this  OR why do I feel incapable of achieving my goals….how come I feel resentment against…”

and just like I told the women in the audience to self-reflect. I reverted to really understand what I’m so afraid of and began to do exactly what I shared that day.

Running towards valuable inspo

Listening to every day hustlers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Orpah Winfrey and Jada Pinket-Smith are amazing icons to look towards for motivation and inspiration.

These are a few top leaders who not only have dominated the game but have learned the ins and outs of their own game. Sure older age has to do much of their success, but studying leaders like this has helped advanced me further than my yesterday.

Humans go through challenges. 

Women owning their businesses are going through challenges. 

Mothers running their homes are facing difficulty balancing shit.  

Friends and your peers who battle anxiety and depression, they face challenges too. 

Life has everybody winded. Right?!

If you currently have taken a break from your hustle, please know that there’s no need to feel unjustified or guilty. First off, know that life happens and being wavered in your daily decisions is purely human. Woman or NOT. Man or NOT. Young or Old.

Gary Lee often shares that lack of our success is because we give a fuck too much about what others think. We fear what everyone around us is doing, while we could actually be achieving our dreams!

i’m not preaching to the choir. i’m just letting y’all nudists know that i’m back fearing nothing.

…more naked thoughts cumming your way.

Love Xiao!

photo by Kendra Lee.