1, 2, 3...Just Go!

Written by Xiao Mei

Sit your life issues on the shelf at home, pack up immediately and leave!

This past weekend brand ambassador (Tiffani H.) and I agreed we needed a getaway to a nearby city. Fortunately, Cincinnati, Washington D.C., and Pittsburgh didn’t make the cut, but Cleveland did.

Coming back home, my heart changed immediately…

Don't Think, Just Do.

Most young adults will not discuss how costly traveling can be because we’re still living on a few dimes and pennies. We know our peers are nonchalant towards how pricy flight tickets are plus they’ll consider us “cheap" if we don't give in. On the other hand, there’s a young woman flying to a different city every week, who can’t stay home for one second.

Late 2016, I started to become that woman who was never at home. I replaced my thinking from costly traveling to spending accordingly on what I can afford. Since then I’ve never lived freely, met new people, and made great memories outside of Columbus.

Remain Unprejudiced

In all honestly I was scared traveling to an unknown territory, especially knowing Cleveland’s rep towards petite, light-skinned young ladies like myself. I was ready to fight if necessary, but regardless I didn’t let the stereotypes hold me back from creating a new experience.

The images/videos below displays how being open-minded can create amazing memories.

Xiao's $0.02

1. Embrace other environments and give into a new experience.

2. Explore affordable areas nearby.

3. Do not live for anyone else’s life, BUT YOURS.