Food Is Not Our Enemy

Food is a deep love of mine I wouldn't trade for almost anything in the world. It's my coping escape after a bad breakup, my best friend during a long week of work, and my spirit lifter when social media tells me I'm too skinny. I just continue to stuff my face with more calories and take advantage of how fast my metabolism is. 

I often ask myself why in the world are women trying to get thin as I've tried to consistently gain weight. "You should start eating more look too skinny." so I've been told. All throughout Elementary and High School "Giraffe", "Pixie-Stick", and "Anorexic" were the famous name-callings I received and I couldn't help but to feel so awful about my appearance. Not only did this give me lack of confidence, but also a voice of silence. And through my silence I let fashion speak for me so I wouldn't have to. During high school I'd put together stylish outfits and became such a shopaholic to put off an exterior that would be easily noticed, it definitely worked too. People wouldn't notice how skinny I was, but instead they would notice my cute outfits. I received many compliments which definitely helped establish my self-esteem. 

Now that I'm in my early 20 something's, I've learned to accept my petite body will be what it is and to love myself in it. I also taught myself not to become apart of another person's problem, but to rather help establish other people's confidence and speak kind words. (Our words are so powerful hopefully you'll share the love today after reading this post too.)

Overall being healthy and fit is my ultimate goal regardless if I stay skinny or pack on a few extra pounds. So my goal every day is to never be the cause as to why someone doesn't love his or her body, because God designed every one in a beautiful, unique way for us to embrace it. So share the love, not the hate.

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