A Legal High & Increase Of Energy For The Fatigued


Honestly all we do is work and quite frankly I often get sick of it. But I love the money so I keep working and working and working. But recently my battle with fatigue and tiredness hasn't allowed me to keep my hustle going consistently. As as a independent woman who enjoys what she does it was such a dissatisfaction within myself to fight against my own will.



I battled keeping a consistent sleeping schedule to the point I developed an unhealthy lifestyle, which caused me to miss multiple days at work or I'd arrive late.

I was unable to hear my alarm therefore I overslept. And because I strongly believe that every woman should take responsibility of handling their business, once I became more aware of my habit I took action. 

While I felt cursed for being knocked out yet somehow unable to sleep, I wanted to visually see myself in a cleared state of mind. A space where I designed a greater agreement towards my mind and my bed.

The constant questions I asked myself were:

  1. Am I partying too much?

  2. Is my diet that poor?

  3. Should I adjust my work schedule?

  4. Is it stress?



Thankfully I have Kourtney Kardashian's app, KOURT, which is filled with healthy recipes and inspirational living. I came across her smoothie supplement article and decided to take her up on an all organic and natural energy increaser called Power Dust

Provided by Moon Juice, it's an adaptogenic blend of elite super herbs and super mushrooms known to help increase and combat the effects of stress to fuel your physical and entrepreneurial features.



So far the results have been amazing. My products (Dream and Power Dust) shipped on time and I noticed an immediate difference. 

On Sunday morning, before church service, I tried the power dust and instantly felt high... I sat still, but attention span zoomed on every single detail. I knew exactly that it was the power dust.



One day my coworker (a more elderly woman) showed signs of fatigue and tiredness. So I had her try a small scoop of the power dust, but she was nervous to death. After reading ingredients like "super mushrooms" and "superherbs" I was a bit shocked too, but more intrigued than anything. 

She finally tried some in her coffee and the next day couldn't wait to share her experience. 

"I noticed I was more alert. It didn't take long and happened immediately...I didn't even need my coffee...I almost felt high too."

Since Moon Juice brought her and I together we talk daily about other dusts we want to try.


Xiao's $0.02

For all the hard-working women out there who suffer fatigue, tiredness, managing a hectic schedule or balancing life (especially during that time of month) I strongly suggest you try Power Dust by Moon Juice. It's adaptogenic blend of elite superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress to fuel your physical and entrepreneurial feats.

After trying it faithfully for over a month, it took less than minutes to notice the difference in my performance within my daily routine. Moon Juice incorporates all organic and all natural ingredients so two thumbs up for that!

The next dust I plan on getting is called "Sex Dust" (it's a lusty superherb that includes Shatavari, which is an Ayurvedic herb that supports the reproductive system) - so stay tuned for that one (: