I Broke Up With Coffee, For a Week

Super Green

The weather is slowly warming up and summer is almost here. Whether your working out, eating healthier, or staying consistent in diet, don’t forget to take Evolution Fresh juices with you!

I decided to break up with coffee for a week and instead detox drinking Evolution's Fresh and raw flavorful fruits and vegetables. Finding the juices (located at Starbucks) I'd checkout out with at least 2-3 or more bottles every day which questioned employees to ask, why coffee over juice? And I don’t blame them, which is why after one a week I was drinking coffee again. But I immediately noticed my energy levels were more efficient and long lasting versus drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day. Normally I would crash and fall asleep easily without hesitation due to lack of strength and nutrients. However throughout detoxing I was happy with the results that I encouraged others to detox with me.

So huge thanks to Evolution Fresh helping me feel healthy and more vibrant than ever. Although I can't give up coffee just yet (or ever) I will still continue taking greater conscious of my drinking habits. If you’re feeling droopy or tired make sure to grab these juices located at Starbucks, your local grocery market, or visit an Evolution Fresh kitchen ! 

(My favorite recommended drinks are below, what's yours?)