Vegan Vibez Only

Something smells good in the kitchen with aspiring vegan chef, Asiri Cain! She's what I like to call refreshing! Personally I'm not a vegetarian, but I support those who are. It is a lifestyle only very few can commit to and I was inspired learning how Asiri changed her eating habits.

A simple action of looking at the ingredients before every meal intake is the moment Asiri was convinced to change her diet. She then furthered her research about her body and harmful nutrients. And getting to know Asiri on a intimate level was very inspiring. It was a joy to see a young woman who is headstrong and passionate about the food she creates.

Luckily Asiri invited Style Me Nude to see how she makes her bowl of chili. A perfect dish for any occasion and season. COMING SOON in 2017, Asiri expects to create her first TRAVELING EATER'S DIGEST JOURNEY!

I'm excited to everything it will entails, but for now watch below how to make her famous chili! Leave your comments below! :)

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