Run-Down Petite Girls: The Truth

I'll Regret It Later...

As a dainty young woman my diet is a blessing, but a curse in itself. I can devour any food I want at any hour during the day. But as I get older, my heart regrets it. Sadly, I'm unable to act about as I was in my childhood. Mind you I was never involved in any sports as a teen. Eating junk food was my only sport...

I'm A Big Girl, I Can't Relate?

Don’t exclude yourself from this topic. Because the #1 thing that upsets me are larger women who envy my weight, size, and features.

There should not be any competition between us women. And that’s where self-confidence kicks into play. (Don’t have any? Start now by going into the mirror telling yourself: “You are beautiful.” “I am one sexy fox.” or “I love me just the way I am.”

Those are real lines I spoke to the mirror to empower my confidence, because I was teased so much for looking anorexic in school.

An Appetite To Get Healthy

My goal isn’t necessarily to gain weight, but to restore my energy and motivation to move again. So I recently joined the #30ZayChallenge, created by Rio, which joins others in Columbus to run at least 5 miles within 30 days. Unfortunately it started yesterday and I ran 0 miles.

Despite the fact, I will try my best to mentally motivate myself and eat healthier. To join me, download NRC (Nike + Run Club) app and add Xiao Mei.