Body Like The Summer, Heart As A Weak Leaf

Acknowledging Your Faults

I checked myself hardcore without hesitation several weeks ago, because my way of self-love wasn’t honest. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I noticed a man I’m interested in likes women with “banging” bodies. And at a quick glance of me…that’s not something I can offer. (Genetically) I was not blessed with wide hips, large breasts, and thick thighs.

Acknowledging my lack of provisions compelled me to compare my appearance to other women. I immediately was determined to work out again by doing squats and whatever I must to get toned and larger.


I was unhappy with my naked thoughts, but despite that fact, my thoughts were real, as many females have experienced this before. I think we can all agree, it's disappointing knowing what pleases someone, yet not being able to offer that. Personally, I went overboard stating, “I have thought about getting a boob job.” (Flat out I still love my small pearls and no job is ever worth changing my appearance for someone else.)

Since then I headed straight to my mood board and asked myself the 3-Why’s.

Why…Do you feel you should get a boob job?”
What…Makes you want to workout again?”
Who…Is influencing you to look like something you’re not?”

I answered these questions honestly because my monthly self-reflections never let me down. They're highly beneficial to realign my mental thought processing. (A blog post about self-reflections is coming soon...)

Be Honest With Yourself

I am greatly appreciative to have strong women in my life. Brand Ambassador, Kim V., and I discussed my physical appearance concerns and she checked me back in my place as well. Kim V. began her fitness journey three (3) years ago solely for herself. And she has never been happier, because she did not question her features for someone else’s satisfaction.

As Kim V. stated, “If you’re uncomfortable with your body for personal reasons, then take it up with YOURSELF, not others.”


Xiao's $0.02

To continue eating fried chicken and drinking coffee everyday, because that is what makes me happy. My body is banging and I absolutely know it!


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