Why You Shouldn't Always Let Him Dress You




You’re probably wondering why I choose to rock the Honda jersey. My look isn’t too masculine nor is it unisex material. Is it a shirt a man gave me? Absolutely :) I adore this piece because the man who gave it to me knew my love for racing. I’ve always dreamt of participating in illegal racing so much I wanted to become a professional NASCAR driver.

Besides my hopeless dream, this Honda tee is absolute fire. It’s my own version of expressing my everyday lifestyle wearing men’s clothing in an intimate setting, while showcasing sensual vibe. 


I adore a great soul when I see one and even more I love a passionate woman who expresses their story by documenting her everyday lifestyle through powerful images. As a writer I focus on self-image internally vs. externally, so I’m not fully hip to the fashion industry. Though I appreciate women who curate bold statements within their style to break statistics within society. 

A fashion blogger I highly respect is Danielle Cooper. You may know her as a former professional basketball player from California if you’re into sports. But I discovered her as the blogger of She’s A Gent. Not only does Cooper promote her saying, “Be free enough to be YOU!” but she also fights for human rights and supports women's equality. She expresses her thoughts by confidently wearing unisex clothing to showcase her dominance as a female - perpetrating that wearing suits gives her the perfect masculine, yet feminine touch.

Besides wearing suits, she also works behind the scenes on various campaigns. For example, she teamed up with Nike for #BeTrue campaign and worked with the Human Rights Campaign. Needless to say, this woman goes beyond being a typical Instragram model.


I somehow end up wearing a man’s clothing who I’ve dated if they don't mind sharing. Being 5”1’ and fun-sized, I find it enjoyable being swallowed up in a large tee. But moreover, the real reason I enjoy dressing up in unisex pieces every now and then is because, I fully support the concept of an era where women dress like men and women alike men.

It’s allowed people to become nonchalant of judgmental words from outsiders looking in. Whether heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, or for those lost in the sauce who are seeking themselves – the way we dress communicates who we are and the level of respect we have for different cultures. 

I believe when I dress more masculine females often think I am lesbian, which is not true. It's just a way I like to express my style in a more vigorous approach. However, I know how to switch it up and give a more playful and sensual taste to my style.  

Nowadays, I’m not as concerned with the way I present myself especially to those of higher class. Due to the shift in society and because of powerful people like Cooper, I’ve become more comfortable with my body dressing it the way that best suits me. No pun intended :)


Although I’m heterosexual, when I jumped onto Danielle’s Instagram page I immediately said, “Oh, she’s hot!” I did not view her sexually attractive (maybe a bit), but her confidence led me to know more of who she is, so I followed her page. After researching more in depth, I read her featured article in New York Times and Cooper explained,

“We’re in an era when men and women wear everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. For us, it’s really about showing young women that they can wear whatever they want.”

This comment stood out to me like night and day. Growing up I was taught dresses are most flattering on young girls than pants. In my mind I believed dresses we’re out of place for women to wear. I perceived it as “easy access” for men who would try to take advantage of a female and rape her. I knew wearing a skirt my legs were open rather closed when wearing jeans. So I dreaded wearing dresses or skirts, but I understood its importance for religious reasons.

XIAO’S $0.02

I noticed men who shower women in gifts is a strategic way of him claiming his territory. Like a dog who marks his tree, it’s the same concept for a man who gives a woman his clothes.

I'm all here for accepting free gifts (don't get me wrong), but I really encourage staying true to yourself and your own sense of fashion despite the fads, despite the trends and who is dressing you. Like Cooper said, "Be free enough to be YOU!"

In the meantime, I’ll still be accepting more free clothes, because last time I checked…ya girl is still single! :) Comment your thoughts and share!