The Influence of a Woman's Femininity

(All images provided by YouKenLook Photography by Kenny H.)

Throughout my romance life, I’ve realized successful women who are attractive and intelligent can intimidate men. Why is that? Well I’m unsure, but I admire a man’s vulnerability to admit sometimes he’s just not fit. Regardless, I move forward embracing my two greatest gifts: my femininity and independence...

Less Is More

with a hint of delicacy.

Women are the reason men can lose their mind, but also the key to saving it. We walk with poise and have an ability to make a stubborn man change his ways. No we’re not God, but he did create us to flourish in our feminine glory.

My favorite movie that demonstrates this principle is The Incredible Hulk. I get excited watching an incredible man destroy every threat, but the only person who can soften him is a woman of femininity and sovereignty. I, myself have tried this multiple times and it works! If arguing with a man I will use soft answers only. And every time, we both go to bed happy (whether in a relationship or not.)


if God says "Ok", then say yes.

Men always ask me, “Why are you single?” Which is cool. I’m prepared for that question and always blush before answering. As of today my answer remains:

1.    It’s my choice to be single.

2.    During my twenties, it’s the perfect time to invest within myself.

3.    If I don’t build my own foundation, I’ll surely fall when my man comes.

Stay Focused

for your greater good.

As a young entrepreneur who is focused, certain events must occur on a timeline. During this time of being determined, I’m putting prayers on the shelf for what is to come. During preparation, I’m praying for my children and future husband...sending much love to them now for the many years ahead. 



(All images provided by YouKenLook Photography by Kenny H.)