Interfering With Covenants

Written by Xiao Mei


So there’s a beautiful gift from God right in front of you. He’s husky with sexy hair, has pearly white teeth, has a successful career, and treats you as any gentleman should.

But I forgot to mention, he’s in a relationship or married…

So you ask yourself, “Why’s he paying attention to me if he has a woman?” (I’ll answer for you.)

Girl! You just became his twenty-percent since his eighty-percent at home lacks what you can provide.

Let that sink in :)

Rising Above Temptation

We’ve all been tempted to make a decision we’ll soon regret. But without acknowledging the elephant in the room, there is no moving forward.

Recently famous comedian, Kevin Hart, confessed he cheated on his wife on social media. Keep in mind she's carrying their first child. Miserable as their situation is, I've gained respect for Hart omitting his error.

But I am undeniably irate with the mistress. Not only has she interfered with a covenant, but also insulted the wife.

Per Your Convenience

“It’s your life; live it how you want” has become too wild. And numerous women question why men treat the majority: in lack of respect, poor admiration, verbal/physical abuse or in lack of committing. With that said, what maybe convenient may not be long-lasting or worth risking in your today.


Finding Your Common Sense

Common sense (hopefully) tells you, if I entertain a man who isn’t available:

Karma will find me.

I have disrespected my fellow sister as a woman.

I’m losing respect for whom I am & what I have to offer.


Picture by Cozart

Xiao's $0.02

Discontinue entertaining anyone who goes against the values of our womanhood. It’s that simple. Simply refocus honoring a women’s partner, hold to your standards, and bring honor back to your family. 

We can do MUCH better ladies.

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