How Each Zodiac Sign Has Impacted My Life When Dating

From Xiao Mei to The Anonymous. If the shoe fits, wear it.

{Here's a letter to the signs I've dated. It's no more than a feeling. Some passages are longer than others, hence I've had a more in-depth relationship with em. You may relate and see similar characteristics. 

Regardless how unfortunate some relationships have turned out with certain signs. I'm grateful to have the experience and gain the wisdom I once never had yesterday.}



Life is best with you as friends. I haven't encountered many Aries, although when I do I know it's a treasure worth keeping. You show no fear, ready to risk it all while  maintaining an optimistic outlook even when turmoil surrounds you.

MY Taurus

*oh lord, here we go*

Home is where your heart is. The kitchen is where your soul awakens. In your chamber are where your white lies reside in each stroke and the world is your playground. 

Though you find it difficult to speak and express how you feel, your eyes tell me every word I need to know.

Your glares tell me when you want it. How you want it. And where you wish to take me. When you lead, mistakenly my footsteps aren’t far.

9:00p.m. at the tavern is where I should find you. Devouring crispy, spicy buffalo traditional wings, Cajun fries along with a straight shot of Jameson. Don’t assume me a stalker, for my time isn’t consumed investigating your next move. I'm too productive for that.

At the tavern is where I could find you because familiarity is fond of you. Predictable Taurus. You are hesitant to change, patient when moving and slow to speak your mind. You will take eons to decide on love.

People appreciate your hospitality for you always make any guest feel at home. But far too long I feel like home is with you.

Damn you stubborn bull.  

…spark the candle, breathe me in, taste my sweetness while you…

Bull, let go.


I need space from you. No, I'm not talking two weeks, six months, or one year. I need space to never see you again. 

Actually...I take that back.

Gemini? My tire is flat. Bring your toolbox and come help me please.


"One minute I hate you, the next I wish we were CLOSE again. I learned indecisiveness from the best.

gracias twins."

- Xiao


I do not have enough tissues. I also refuse to lay around all day. I have work to do. Maybe in another lifetime we can link up again. Just maybe.

Mr. Leo


Of course, excuse me, where are my manners?

I couldn’t help but to interrupt and ask, is there any chance you’d like me to speak?

“So I’m traveling to Atlanta for the week. I have a major deal to settle and I’ll be speaking with the Board of Directors, which will be HUGE. So it’s important I stay focused. I think I might stay downtown till I close the deal and when I come back I’ll let you know. It’ll be crazy. There will be lot of people I need to connect with & big opportunities so I have to make these plays…”


Look! My life may not be exciting as yours, but when will you ever stop boasting in your egocentric world?

Truth be told, behind that "large" psyche of yours is a genuine soul, which I'd like to explore.

You have a simple heart that craves the traditional language of love. You're one of the most loyal, devoted, most respectful and caring sign I've connected with.

Family-Oriented like a lion - you provide, protect and are full of joy. I can't help but to adore you. 

“I'm going to get you more clothes and new shoes. What's your size?”

…Leo, you make it hard to say no when you spoil me. Please lay with me. You work hard enough, just rest.


You are my deepest love and my greatest sorrow. If dementia crept in, I'm afraid I could never forget you if I tried. 

You often think you're alone, but every star is cognisant of your doings. They watched how many times you stalked my whereabouts, how many secrets you hid and how many blunts you smoked to relieve your pain.

They know you feel.


Trust, loyalty, respect and truth is all you ever requested. Yet, even the perfect Virgo was caught in their mischievous unfolding's and were unable to remain persistent with themselves.

When you're wrong Virgo, you're wrong. If having the final say boasts you, then say what you may. 

Just promise yourself not to become lost searching for your own soul...


I look forward to meeting you one day. 


I surprisingly fear you Sag. Normally I stand firm when meeting an adversary.

I also embrace spontaneity, but you Sag...

You live free very vividly.

When we meet, I pray I can keep up.

Safe travels.


They never warned me about you.

I sought in others to reciprocate what you did and found none comparable. 


My unfitted sheets.


Investment is everything to you.

So when you decide to stop working nonstop and consider our date nights again, maybe then I'll consider you as an option. Handle your business (I respect the hustle), but don't expect much from me.



If we dated, I don't remember?

They say Aquarius runs from emotional expression, which I don't see suitable in any relationship. Plus, you're starting to remind me of Taurus, please don't do that.


Pisces, as for you I'm not sure why we haven't met. You're in tune with yourself, the universe and your surroundings, which is an erratic turn-on.

...One day soon.