Give Her What She Wants

Life is great when an invitation for the second date is initiated. It gets even more intoxicating during the three-month pursuit. But life gets real when you still don't know your place in a man's world.


Let's be real. Decoding a man's feelings is like mind mapping without an end. Plus investing towards someone who lacks feedback is draining. But of course I sympathize not all men are gallant to express their deepest sensations with us.

However, by default, women are built to please, to devote,  and subject to change for a males needs. So what's the problem Xiao?!

A Killer Ego

Men with large egos ineluctably translate women who show interest to:

  • "She's on my jock."

  • "I don't want her catching feelings."

  • "I just want sex." (tell her that!)

My message to men like this: Appreciate someone wants your uglyass and keep in mind we will always have a rotation set in motion baby boy.

Be upfront. Be real. Be honest. You'll get further ahead if you are.