Adoption Saved His Life, But He Rescued Me

January 16th, 2016, I officially signed the adoption papers, said my first hello, and comforted my new dog as much as possible. I walked into Franklin County Dog Shelter without hesitation and knew it would be the start of something new that I'd become a dog mom.

As a little girl I’ve always wanted a dog, but ended up with an automatic toy dog that barked nonstop wheeling back and forth. I get the fact I was too young to manage the responsibility, but now in my early 20s something – I wanted to accept the responsibility.

The first time I met Tiny he stared straight at me not bothered. And compared to other dogs, Tiny small features made everyone fall in love with him, but his elderly age of 9 years old backfired his opportunity being adopted. But it was perfect for me and the lifestyle I live, which is slow paste, peaceful, and calming.

Unfortunately, the first couple months welcoming Tiny into his new home, he pooped everywhere, hid under the bed, attacked my mother several times, and never laid on the bed I bought him. Surprisingly it's funny how a 9lb Chihuahua scared my mother, but she played it off smoothly, haha! Luckily Tiny became well adjusted, especially when I received a disturbing call from the shelter. They questioned his adjustment, due to his previous mother wanting ownership again (Yet she abandoned him at a motel!), I stated he was well off, healthy, and loving his new home.

It was unfortunate for me to discover where he came from as a homeless pet. On the bright side, Tiny has now lived with me one (1) year and counting, who is the most loyal, friendly, stubborn dog (at times). Without him I wouldn't have much to look forward to coming home from a long day.

Dear Tiny: your kiss, conversations, cuddles, and love for biting people to protect me is the sweetest thing ever! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love mommy xoxo…

To help make a difference for all homeless animals do so by adopting a pet, visit The Shelter Pet Project and follow them on Instagram: @ShelterPetProject


(All Images Provided By Travis Clements: @Trvsclmnts