CNY Recap: Celebrating The Year of the Dog 2018

CNY Recap: Celebrating The Year of the Dog 2018

Written by Xiao Mei // Photos with Tiny by Travis Clements

While this post isn’t so much about self-love, relationships or body and diet - I received some requests from readers who wanted to know why Chinese New Year is so important to me.

For those who may not be aware of my nationality, I’d love to introduce that I am African American and Taiwanese. I believe I live the best of both worlds because being biracial, I am taught two different cultures, their traditions and values.

During this month of February, it is a significant time for my family and I. We honor our history and ancestors by celebrating Black History month and prepare for new beginnings by feasting with family and sending well wishes to kick off the Lunar New Year.

This past Sunday Every Stylish Girl, an Instagram based media outlet that shares stories of stylish women to empower future girl bosses, asked me to take over their Instagram story. For the festive New Year, I shared my traditional Chinese dresses, Chinese zodiac animal, my favorite customs and some of the symbolic foods we partook in.

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"Ama" means Grandma.


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