iLive The Movement: Xiao Mei

Today I am excited to share my feature on iLive The Movement, founded by Jordyn Dunlap.


iLive The Movement is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive mental health, while serving as a platform for survivors (like myself) to share their stories of overcoming mental illnesses.


Most outsiders looking in on my site always ask, “What made you start your blog?” For me, it was not about the money, not to gain likes or followers, but my intention was to help someone in need. By releasing my journey of challenges, heart breaks, pain, and overcoming -- it was the key to becoming free.

The moment Jordyn spoke to me about a feature I was more than happy. But I’ll admit - I took almost two weeks to turn in my submission. Procrastinator much? No, the questions I were asked traveled me back to an empty place of uncertainty, coldness, and sorrow. 

Experiences like these no one wants to revisit, but I’m glad I did.

Go to iLive The Movement to read the entire story. Share with someone who needs to know they’re worth fighting for. Enjoy nudists! 💛

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