Do Your Due Diligence

Written by Xiao Mei


For starters, we hate Mother Nature and once a month we suddenly have sweet cravings and become bipolar towards everyone (but our pet.) I believe it’s safe to say...a menstrual cycle is a devil we never asked for, but as women we put up with life’s inconvenience. Shopping is another nuisance during this time, as I’m still confused why tampons are so expensive? Moreover, I can only imagine what it’s Iike for the less fortunate women who cannot purchase wipes, pads, or fresh underwear. These are basic essentials many of us take for granted. 

Our Plan of Action

Sunday, October 29th we are providing assistance to homeless women in Columbus, Ohio by supplying feminine hygiene products. 

As women, we are stronger when we work with one another. I, myself could not imagine having limited access to daily/monthly supplies when mother nature welcomes with a cold hello. Therefore, we want to provide a sense of comfort to women and help regain their confidence. Currently, The N.U.D.E. Blog is not financially equipped to flip a career or provide housing to women in need, but a small act of kindness can make a big difference. 

How You Can Participate

If you always wanted to participate within your community and give back to those in need, this is the perfect occasion to do so.  Sunday’s goal is for all women of Columbus to meet me (Xiao Mei) in the heart of Columbus. Men are absolutely welcomed as well! If you want to be of extra help, you can submit a minimum donation of $5.00 to $thenudeblogorg SnapCash app. A small or large amount will help us continuously make a positive impact in our women communities. Thank you!