Andrew Downing Photography

Focused lifestyle and portrait photographer Andrew Downing, gracefully captured aspiring model (Shaynn) and I within the deep woods of Portman Park. As Summer 2016 comes to an end, we fast forward into Autumn with black and white portraits, leaving vivid colors behind.

Downing, an Ohio University Alumni, graduated with his Bachelor's in Journalism, however realized a greater interest for photography. After taking several photography classes he soon discovered his next step within his career and immediately pursued the field. To gain hands on experience he began networking with models, local photographers, and booking gigs. When receiving positive testimonials and feedback from clients as well as friends his desire to enhance his art grew significantly. In a short turn around, Downing has worked with multiple clients and covered for various magazines, including: Backdrop Magazine, Southeast Ohio Magazine, Thread Magazine and Varsity Magazine.

Personally one of the main keys for me when meeting new photographers is the level of comfort during shooting, which Downing made successful. Unlike some, it can be quiet a challenge when discovering other's personality, especially for shoots like boudoir or risqué. However the images below prove how effortlessly Downing made this shoot.

To book with Andrew Downing for your special occasion or to build your portfolio, visit Also stay up-to-date with him by following his live portfolio on Instagram here.

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