What Destroys You From You

(Reader's discretion is advised.)

Limiting yourself is the number one objective that determines where you can go, what you can do, and how you live your life. The moment you say, "I can't because..." Is the moment you discontinue all possibilities to accomplish a greater goal. Statistics currently state the myth of human's ability to access only 10% of their brain is not true. In fact, humans are capable to occupy 100% (which has been proven.)

Past few weeks I've conversed with many who express themselves as too young, too old, or not good enough. Though I strongly respect their opinions, I often cringe hearing anyone who limits themselves, esp. right in front of me. As I often hear, "I was born this way, so this is who I am." Personally I can agree to an extent that one's lifestyle & how they're raised is engrained in who they have become. However, I can't comprehend why people choose to carry their past into their present and future. 

One of my most traumatizing experiences last year brought me to such a dark world that seemed unbearable. Both of my eyes were black and blood-shot red. Awakened from my sleep and suddenly my loud screams killed the silence. I screamed stop, stop, stop, please stop. After the madness was over, I looked in the mirror and heard a soft voice in my head saying, "Hi there pretty girl. You're so pretty, it's gonna be okay..." Yes, physical abuse can happen to anyone, but as a victim I didn't let that stop me from being me. 

I've always concurred keeping my peace, love, and happiness no matter who tried destroying it, even from myself.

Yes, the pain hurt like hell. Yes, I hate the painful memories. Yes, I kept silent of it for so long. No I didn't deserve it, however, I forgave, I conquered, and I never let that one experience limit myself from being happy & free. 


Xiao Mei