Rest Your Mind

This new year I'm sure many of us hit the ground running as we're constantly on the go taking care of things. Whether working full or part-time, scheduling meetings/events, finishing projects, or focusing on academics; it all gets tiring after while. So much so that physically our bodies (if not in the best shape) can relapse and completely drain our energy, which means taking a nice mental vacation wouldn't hurt, right?

These past several months I've been constantly on the go, running various errands during the weekend, completing projects at work, maintaining my name on the Dean's list, and living life as a new mother. (A dog mom of course.) On a side note, thanks to Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center, I adopted my first dog named Tiny. Respectfully, I love puppies however with my current lifestyle I rarely have time to train a new pup. And Tiny fits perfectly being the senior dog he is at 9 years old. He's changed my life so much, I couldn't trade him for the world. 

But back on topic...since my life has been moving so fast, I've decided this weekend to stop and put on the breaks, literally! Yes, I canceled couple meet ups and changed the course of plans, but only for the good. It's okay to become selfish every now and then, because it's necessary to focus on yourself: what you need from you, your desires, and time to center your thoughts on important logistics. Especially when life seems to be rushed. Does that make any sense?

So maybe you should cancel the next couple weeks to yourself and family. Devote time planning your ideas, watch a movie alone, grab coffee/tea to study. Either way get selfish and feel great doing it!

Comment your feedbacks and thoughts! Xoxo :)